Relationship Counseling

Do you feel unhappy with your life?  Do you feel an emptiness and don't know why?  Have you been struggling with getting through a break-up?  Have you been feeling overwhelmed?  Have you lost the motivation in your life?  I can help you figure you what's keeping you stuck in the rut you are in and help you find a way out the darkness.

Couples Counseling

Are you are arguing more and more with each passing month?  Are you arguing over the same thing over and over again?  Are you are having more unhappy days then good days?  Are you are feeling disconnected in your relationship?  Are you are feeling ignored, misunderstood or unloved in your relationship?  I can help you reconnect.

Marriage Counseling

Are you are married and wondering if you should get a divorce?  Do you feel you have tried everything to save your marriage?  Have you forgotten the reason why you got married?  Give me an opportunity to help you before you file for divorce.  Give me a chance to help you save your marriage.

Sex Therapy

Have you lost your desire for sex?  Do you feel disconnected or preoccupied when you have sex?  Is your sex life getting boring?  Are you suffering with premature ejaculation and want to learn how to last longer in bed?  Are you struggling with having an orgasm?  Do you want to learn how to squirt (female ejaculation) Do you want to try anal sex?  Do you want to spice up your sex life?  I can help

LGBT Counseling

Have you been having the same problem in your relationship over and over again? Do you feel the issues in your relationship are ruining the love you feel for each other? Do you feel you can't trust your partner? I specialize in helping communicate better, understand each other better and rebuild their trust in each other.  Make an appointment with me before it's too late.

Phone Sessions

Do you live far from my practice? Do you need advice on a decision you are about to make in your life or relationship? You can set up a phone session with me.  In our calls we can discuss any issues and answer any questions you may have about your relationship problems and concerns.

Premarital Counseling

Online Video Counseling

Couples who are engaged and preparing to get married benefit from premarital counseling.  45% of all marriages end up in divorce and receiving premarital counseling will help prepare you and your fiance to be able to work through the challenges that will present during your marriage.

If you prefer to do counseling in the comfort of your own home or office, I offer online video counseling through Zoom.  Find a space where you can be alone and talk freely.  I am also able to do couples counseling through online video as well.



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