Damaris Torres, aka The Love Healer. is a PA Licensed Couple's Therapist and a Certified Clinical Sex Therapist. She owns a private practice in Northeast Philadelphia. Damaris graduated from Penn State University with her Bachelors in Psychology. She got her Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and then went on to obtain her Certification in Clinical Sex Therapy. 

Damaris has over 21 years of experience and education in the field of Psychology. Damaris specializes in relationship problems and provides help through individual counseling, recovering from a breakup, couples counseling, recovering from an affair, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, sex therapy and LGBT couples counseling.
Damaris's counseling rates are $150 per each fifty-five minute session. She accepts cash, credit or debt cards.  She also accepts Health Plan Savings Cards and Flex Spending Cards.




2417 Welsh Road
Suite 225
Philadelphia, PA 19114


 Email me: damaris.lmft@gmail.com

 Call me: 267-433-2078

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